1st International Workshop on Lightweight Services in Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing


Modelling and Use of Lightweight Services in Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing

Web APIs and lightweight services, which rely on URIs for endpoint and resource identification, and HTTP for communication and message exchange, are becoming increasingly important in the context of developing service-oriented and cloud computing-based solutions. Cloud services, process models but also Web APIs are examples of building blocks, which can be assembled and combined to implement service-based systems. Driven by the new developments in this area, we can nowadays observe an increased need to provide theories, techniques, and tools to support the modelling and use of lightweight services in order to be able to to develop superior, more effective and efficient SOC-based systems. For instance, currently Web API use requires extensive manual effort, starting with the documentation search, its interpretation, implementation of test-invocation application, client applications and API mashups. Furthermore, in contrast to traditional Web services based on WSDL/SOAP, whose development is guided by standards, Web API providers implement and expose programmable interfaces over the Web, without necessarily conforming to established best practices or guidelines. As a result, monitoring and analytics become a tedious and time consuming task. This workshop focuses on current research in the fields of lightweight service modelling (e.g., functionality, inputs and outputs, SLA, pricing models, legal terms, standardisation efforts, process models), service analytics (e.g., capacity planning, metered usage, service compliance, performance optimisation, reliability prediction), and frameworks to compose services focusing on using Web APIs.

Summary of Relevant Topics

- Modelling and describing lightweight services
- Modelling and describing static and streaming data sources over Web APIs
- Analytics for lightweight services
- Identifying the essential building blocks for enabling integrated use of Web APIs
- Automated use of lightweight services
- Composition and deployment of lightweight service applications
- Architectures, solutions, applications, analytics, use cases of the above

Important Dates

Submission 26.06.2015
Notification 24.07.2015
Camera Ready 31.07.2015
Workshop 15.09.2015

How do we address this challenge?

With this workshop, we aim to discover new ways to embrace the opportunities that lightweight services and Web APIs offer in terms of data consumption, processing and provisioning in the context of service-oriented and cloud computing-based systems. We want to challenge researchers towards developing modelling, description and implementation approaches through both paper submissions and interactive on-site discussion and dialog. In particularly we are looking for modelling and description approaches, implementation solutions, use cases and applications that support the use of lightweight services in service-oriented and cloud computing-based systems.

Target Audience

We welcome people from different fields, even though, the core audience of our workshop consists of people with interdisciplinary experience in Web APIs, lightweight services and Web applications. However, we encourage people with various backgrounds to participate, since we envision that interesting cross-domain discussions will arise when participants actively discover differences and similarities.